Advanced Forecasting Report

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This report is designed to show inventory data as of now, and where it could be in the future based on past performance and future orders.

Two categories are presented, Usage and Received. Usage is for outgoing inventory while Received is for incoming inventory.

Enabling Show Usage Details will provide an accounting of Usage and Receive transactions.

**It is important to note that Days until Short is not an exact number, but an estimation based on the quantities of historical and future Orders.

  • (On Hand + (Total Received - Total Usage)) / Average Daily Use


Calculate Safety Stock: Determines source of Safety Stock Calculation. Each option corresponds to a field on the report.

  • Total Usage
  • Average Daily Usage
  • Average Variable Day Usage
  • Lead Time Usage
  • Total Received
  • Average Daily Received
  • Average Variable Day Received

Future Orders: Determines how to handle the remaining quantities of unfulfilled items. Unissued orders are considered open on this report.

  • Exclude: Do not include remaining quantities
  • Include Open Orders: Include remaining quantities that appear on open orders
  • Apply Date Scheduled Filter: Include remaining quantities on orders during a specific date range.

Location Group: Affects On Hand total, Historical Data, and Future Orders

Part Vendor: Vendor associated with the Part. If no Default Vendor is set, the report will get the Vendor with the last purchase.

Part Number: Filter by Part number.

Alternate Report Title: Allows the user to change "Advanced Forecasting" to something else.

Average Days Variable: Determines the number for Average Variable Day Usage Column.

Limit: Determines how many part records to return.

Offset: Determines when to start listing the parts. Parts are ordered alpha-numerically.

  • Limit 100 Offset 100 will return 100 parts, starting from the 100th part of all active inventory parts.

Safety Stock Percentage: Determines the percentage for Safety Stock calculation.

Date Scheduled: Looks at the Scheduled Date of Orders. Only applies when "Apply Date Scheduled Filter" is enabled for Future Orders.

Historical Data: Looks at the Fulfillment Date of past orders.

Format Report for Exporting: Removes pagination. This Report is not designed to export to Excel or CSV. Your mileage may vary.

Include Adjustments: Includes certain Adjustment type Inventory transactions.

  • Generic Adjust
  • Adjust Increase Quantity
  • Adjust Decrease Quantity
  • Adjust Scrap 

Include Purchase Orders: Includes Purchase Orders for both Future Orders and Historical Data

Include Sales Orders: Includes Sales Orders for both Future Orders and Historical Data

Include Work Orders: Includes Work Orders for both Future Orders and Historical Data

Show Tooltips: Shows information about each field when hovering over the column header. 

Show Usage Details: Shows an additional table detailing both Usage and Receive transactions beneath each Part Number.